And I did horrible on one of my exams. Great.

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fucking sebastian stan —everyone scrolling down their dash (via samsangel)
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make me choose
high-bouncing-lover asked: the marauder’s map or the time turner

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Page #6 by Distressed themes: City (Bio Page) 

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I haven’t made a page theme in like a while, so I figured it was time. 

Features → 

  • Background image (no repeat) 
  • Nine links 
  • A really big description space with a scrollbar. 
  • A 600x450 sidebar image. 

Info → 

Preview || Code 

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I’m a True Alpha. You have no idea what I can do.

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i dont need you

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Red Carpet Ready #lipstickstab 

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Game of Sass | Olenna Tyrell

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